Court Hearing 08076

Court Hearing Transcript – 08076


Date: 35.03.905                                                     Case Number (of that year): 00077

Court Scribe: Grami Atues [GA]                      Court Official: King Anexileus [KA]


Defendant: Akalos Kunon [AK]                        Date of Birth: 02.13.861

Occupation: War Collector                                 Allegation: Selling Illicit Items


[Hearing began with mandatory formalities. All necessary parties are present. Hearing begins at thirty minutes to noon]


KA: Are you aware of why you have been called before me today?

AK: Yes my Lord, I have been accused of selling illicit items.

KA: And where do you stand on these accusations?

AK: I believe the accusations are false my Lord.

GA: As will be written in the records, the defendant therefore pleads not guilty?

AK: Yes, that is correct.

[The Defendant pleads NOT GUILTY]

KA: Your occupation is that of a War Collector – is this correct?

AK: It is my Lord.

KA: And what is the role of a War Collector?

AK: I collect used armour from the battlefield and sell it back to you my Lord.

KA: Are you aware that War Collectors are only permitted to sell armour they collect from the battlefield.

AK: Yes my Lord.

GA: Are you therefore telling us that you only sell armour that is collected from battlefields?

AK: That is correct.

KA: We have been given evidence that this is not true.

AK: I promise you my Lord, that it is.

KA: Could you describe for me, in detail, how you go about doing your job? This way we discover wherein the problem lies.

AK: Yes my Lord. Firstly, after a battle has ended and the armies have left, I will arrive with my cart. I then scour the battlefield for armour that has been left behind. I peel it from the bodies of fallen soldiers and load each piece onto my cart and then take it all home with me. I then wash all the blood, sweat and mud from each piece individually. I then inspect each piece for dents, tears or scratches, and repair all the damages. After this is done I polish all the armour so that it shines, and load it back onto my cart. Finally, I bring it all here to the castle where I sell it to your merchants and blacksmiths.

KA: Ah, we have found the problem.

AK: We have my Lord?

GA: Yes Akalos, you are doing too much.

AK: I do not understand.

KA: The armour that you sell to me is stronger and tougher than it ever was before.

AK: I am sorry my Lord, but I still do not understand.

KA: Akalos, you are doing things that are not required. If you were to collect the armour, wash it and then send it to me, that would be good enough.

[AK stands in silence, eyes pointed at the ground]

KA: Is this okay?


KA: Excuse me. What did you say?

AK: I said no.

GA: Explain yourself.

AK: For my King, good enough, is not good enough.


KA: May the records reflect that, Akalos Kunon is a man of true integrity, his diligence to do beyond that which is required of him is a quality that is reserved for only great men and women. Thus his charges will be dropped, and the merchants and blacksmiths of the kingdom will be instructed to pay him seven times the normal rate.

[AK is a man of true integrity, his diligence to do beyond that which is required of him is a quality reserved for only great men and women.]

[Ak is found to be not guilty]

[Blacksmiths and Merchants are hereby required to pay seven times the normal for AK’s merchandise]

– Case Closed –




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