Shemesh and Patayr

Shemesh: Father I don’t think I can be a star anymore.

Patayr: My Dearest Child, what is wrong?

Shemesh: Father, I am afraid of the dark, I cannot stand it. Wherever I look I see it, and wherever it goes death follows.

Patayr: My Dearest Child, I too fear the dark. It is strong and it reaches far beyond what most will ever know. Yet there is something I fear more than the dark, and that is a universe without light.

Shemesh: Father, I have seen the dark snatch away even the brightest of my brothers and sisters, and now it comes for me too. Every night it returns and I cannot fight it – all I can do is hide.

Patayr: My Dearest Child, the dark comes for everyone and that is why you must fight it. For darkness is not an excuse to hide, but instead a reason to shine.

Shemesh: Father, I am no good at shining. I am a rubbish star; why can’t I be a moon instead?

Patayr: My Dearest Child, I did not make you to be a moon, there are already enough moons in the sky. I made you to be a star.

Shemesh: Father, I am not good enough to be a star; you did not make me bright enough.

Patayr: My Dearest Child! When I created you I breathed my light into you. You do not shine with some false light, you shine with my own radiance. And through you it reaches further than the dark could ever dream of, and against it the dark will not stand. You are my perfect star and I love you.

Shemesh: Father…




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